For the pass few months, a user kept tell me that her email would send just part of the email she had written. I was not able to recreate it every time I tried to determine what was causing this problem. I found an old article that it could be a font problem. I finally found this article at technet that explained the problem.

Problem: Outlook 2003 is emailing incomplete emails. It is sending the message from the draft folder and it’s often not the final copy. Messages that are composed and sent quickly will be complete, messages the user takes longer to write may be incomplete.

Solutions:  Uninstall Internet Explorer 11 to eliminate the problem.  Configure Windows Update so that IE11 does not get reinstalled, otherwise, the problem will return with the next Windows Update. To prevent IE11 from being reinstalled, you’ll need to Hide it the next time Windows Updates offers it. Select it from the list of Updates waiting to be installed, right click and choose Hide update. Then, to prevent IE 11 from installing through a Windows Update, Administrators can run the blocker in the IE11 toolkit from Microsoft at Toolkit to Disable Automatic Delivery of Internet Explorer 11, then restart Windows.